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A. The policy of the City of Anacortes is to:

1. Fairly, actively, and uniformly enforce the municipal code to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the environment and not for the benefit of any particular class of persons;

2. Conduct all investigations into alleged violations consistent with statutory and constitutional protections of the right of privacy;

3. Use education as a first step toward achieving compliance with those codes and offer property owners the opportunity to correct violations before imposing fines;

4. Use administrative orders and other measures when necessary to ensure violations are corrected.

B. To achieve this policy, this Chapter provides authority and procedures for:

1. Efficient and effective notice and opportunities to correct violations;

2. Progressive monetary penalties proportionate to the violations;

3. Appeal of administrative orders regarding violations;

4. Collection of civil penalties; and

5. Abatement and remediation of violations.

C. Discretion.

1. Generally, the Director should use a graduated enforcement process that uses notification and education as a first step and should offer violators the opportunity to correct violations before imposing fines.

2. The Director may decide not to take action to correct a violation, especially for de minimis violations or violations that require interpretations or discretionary judgments of the applicability of the land use code.

D. Supremacy. In the event of a conflict between provisions of this title and other provisions in the AMC, the provisions of this title control. (Ord. 2988 § 1 (Att. A), 2016)