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A. Purpose.

1. To promote buildings with an architectural character that reflects the region’s aesthetic and is based on human-scaled design details, durable high-quality materials, sustainable design measures, and responds uniquely to the site’s context.

2. To emphasize that high-quality design is most critical to Anacortes’s high-visibility sites and corridors.

3. To avoid generic, corporate architectural design that degrades the character and identity of Anacortes.

B. Architecture that is defined predominately by corporate identity features and is difficult to adapt to other uses is prohibited. For example, some franchise convenience uses have very specific architectural features (such as a distinctive roofline design that functions as a sign) that reinforce their identity. As tenants change in these types of buildings, these corporate identity features can negatively impact the character of the area and identity of new tenants. These features can also be very expensive to reconfigure and adapt to new uses. (Ord. 3040 § 2 (Att. A), 2019)