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Except under conditions of emergency due to the existence of an epidemic, all orders of the city health officer shall be in writing in the form of a notice to the owner, agent or occupant of the premises involved specifying the corrective action to be taken and the time within which such corrective action shall be accomplished. Said notice shall be issued after a report of conditions requiring corrective action has been filed by the city health officer with the city council, investigated by a committee of the council and the recommended action has been concurred in by the city council. The notice of the city health officer shall be served upon the owner, agent or occupant of the premises involved. If the premises are unoccupied and the owner thereof unknown or his address unknown, the notice shall be posted on a prominent place on such premises. If the owner is a nonresident of the city, then, if his address is known, such notice may be sent to him through registered United States mail, with return receipt requested. All such notices, as aforesaid, shall be due and regular notices to all persons concerned with respect to the work or improvement required to be done and with respect to compliance with this chapter. The city health officer shall have the right of entry to any lands or premises and to any buildings or structures with reasonable hours for the purpose of inspecting the system of sewage disposal maintained thereon upon exhibiting his authority. (Ord. 1037 § 6(a), 1949)